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DMA file format

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The DMA format stores information about the properties of tiles used in game maps. In Jill of the Jungle the file is called jill.dma.

File format

DMA files contain no header - just a list of entries repeated until the end of the file.

Tile entry

Each tile entry is arranged in the following structure:

0 INT16LE code Map code
2 UINT8 image Index into the Shape collection (tileset) where the graphic is located
3 UINT8 tileset Shape collection number
4 INT16LE flags Tile properties
6 UINT8 lenName Length in bytes of the name
7 char[lenName] name Name of this element.

The background layer in the map file contains a list of codes, which correspond to the code value above. This is used to look up which image to draw for each tile in the map layer.

Note that only the lower six bits of tileset refer to the tile number. The purpose of the upper unknown bits is unknown. To get a valid tileset index use tileset & 0x3F.

Tile properties

-0x0000<zero>Default solid block
10x0001F_PLAYERTHRUBlocks you can walk, jump or fall through (background tiles, the path on the overhead map, etc.)
20x0002F_STAIRBlocks that you can stand on (can also jump up through when combined with F_PLAYERTHRU)
30x0004F_VINE,Can climb this block - usually combined with F_PLAYERTHRU (giving 0x0005)
40x0008F_MSGTOUCHActivates game-specific code when touched
50x0010F_MSGDRAW Regular blocks have just one shape, f_msgdraw triggers msg_block(msg_draw) for animated blocks.
60x0020F_MSGUPDATE game-specific code (through msg_block(msg_update)) at every frame. For animated blocks.
70x0040F_INSIDEThis block contains text inside it
80x0080F_FRONT object property : Foreground object
90x0100F_TRIGGER object property : object is trigger (like object 24). If an object (like 15) want to send on/off, this object seach any object who have this flag and counter value
100x0200F_BACK object property: Background object (e.g. torches)
100x0200F_TINYTHRU (likely PlayerThru when player is in 'mini' mode)
110x0400F_ALWAYS object property : “Always updates object”
120x0800F_KILLABLE object property : monster can be killed with regular weapon.
130x1000F_FIREBALL object property : object is a fireball
140x2000F_WATER A water tile. regular player will sink, the S.U.B. and aquatic monster can swim through it, but not out of it
150x4000F_WEAPON object property : object is a regular weapon

Note that the same “flag set” is used for both blocks and objects. Some properties only apply to blocks, some only apply to objects, some to both (f_msgtouch), and some flags have a different meaning for blocks and tile (e.g. 0x200).

Note for the object, flag not store in Map File. Flag are init by engine at load of oject.

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