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The nuclear caves project


The nuclear caves is project to create a easy old plateform game maker without any external library (SDL, Open GL....). It's write from scratch without any help from external (forum, mailing...). It's create with Lazarus and avaible only for Windows plateform for now. Note : website skin is for project goal (old game).


Download demo executable (no install requiered) [2,6Mo]


At begin, I'have found my old official floppy of the game "Gremlins 2 : The new batch" (2010 december). I had decide, to create a new version (for Windows, Linux...). I was start to extract picture (with hexa editor and own tool). But, problem is copyright of game and of Gremlins. I don't care ! I search on Internet if some body have already extract picture. I had find some web site like GSA (http://www.gsarchives.net), Sprite database (http://sdb.drshnaps.com/) or Sprite Ressource (http://www.spriters-resource.com/). I find sprite of "The Crystal Caves" an old game that I played when I'm young on a laptop computer with red and white screen (a Toshiba). I had decide to stop Gremlins 2 and start a clone of "The Crystal Caves" (2011 May). A clone because the game is always sell by 3 Drealms (http://www.buy3drealms.com) for $6. I didn't know if I can get a license for clone, but I have decide to rewrite from scratch with new history.

Technical information

+-------------+---------------------------+ | Code | Lazarus | +-------------+---------------------------+ | Sound | no | +-------------+---------------------------+ | Graphic | Basic BMP (not OpenGL...) | +-------------+---------------------------+ | Multiplayer | no | +-------------+---------------------------+ | Save | no | +-------------+---------------------------+ | Load | no | +-------------+---------------------------+ | OS | Windows 32bits | +-------------+---------------------------+

Source code

Source code are avaible under BSD license. Browse source code.

Bug report

For any bug, you can send me an email at : email


screenshot screenshot
screenshot screenshot

Goal of game

The goal of this game is to get all nuclear particle. You cannot leave level if not all get !
Nuclear particle
Eye's monster
Spider monster
Ball monster
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